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Water Has a Higher Density than Alcohol
IFW-Dresden Superconducting Maglev Train Models
Superconductivity and the Meissner Effect
Superconductivity and the Meissner Effect
The Kaye effect, a property of complex liquids
Bernoulli's principle
Bernoulli's principle
Bernoulli's principle
Mysterious Hills Explained
How to Make a Glowing Ice Bulb
Jake's Attic - Pulse Meter
How to Make a Three Part Homopolar Motor
Kelvin’s Thunderstorm - Kelvin Water Dropper
Crushing a Pop Can with Air Pressure
Highspeed Vibration of Cornstarch Solution
Make Your Own Non-Newtonian Fluid
Drinking Tea with Chopsticks in Microgravity
Plasma Ball
Acoustic Levitation Chamber
The Doppler Effect
The Rubens’ Tube
Non-Newtonian Fluid
Boiling Water Using Ice
Liquid Nitrogen and the spinning ping pong ball
Superconductivity - Meissner Effect - Magnet Floats
Quantum Physics
What's Vacuum?
Stephen Hawking & Black Holes
Slow motion video of an exploding light bulb
Slow motion video of a water balloon
A 6" tesla coil running at approximately 2KVA.
How Holograms Are Made
Crookes Railway Tube
Radiocarbon dating C14
Build a Lemon Battery
Charge Experiment
Sodium Acetate
The Elegant Universe Part 1: Einstein's Dream (1/5)
The Elegant Universe Part 1: Einstein's Dream (2/5)
The Elegant Universe Part 1: Einstein's Dream (3/5)
The Elegant Universe Part 1: Einstein's Dream (4/5)
The Elegant Universe Part 1: Einstein's Dream (5/5)
Simultaneity - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
Time Dilation - Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity
Chill A Drink In 2 Minutes!
Plasma Light Bulb 900 Watts
How Superconducting Levitation Works
A Ball Thrown Back 100 km/h From A Truck Moving 100 km/h
How a light bulb works
The Tenth Dimension
Supercooling Experiment
Supercooling Experiments
The Tablecloth Trick
Heating a Water Balloon
The Levitron Toy
Plasma Ball Trick
Hiroshima Atomic Bomb
Assembly and run of very basic electric motor.
9 Volt Battery Hack to AAA
Building a Rotating Steam Engine with a Candle
Simple Homopolar Motors
Boil water in a plastic bottle
The principle of halving
A 15 Foot Tall Tesla Coil
Cymatics - the study of wave phenomena
Introduction to the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN )
New particle accelerator being built at CERN, near Geneva
Laminar Flow
Lamina Flow Stirling Engine
McGurk Effect: Do You Hear BA-BA, GA-GA or DA-DA? Now Close Your Eyes
Diffusion of a Gas
Traditional incandescent light bulbs versus new compact fluorescent bulbs
Parabolic motion - Range of a projectile
Simple Harmonic Motion
The Space Between Atoms
Niels Bohr and Quantum Mechanics
Dropping A Cannonball In A Bath Of Mercury
Crookes Tube
Rutherford Scattering
Charles's Law
Newton's Laws Of Motion
Stars Nuclear Power
Kinetic Theory Of Gases
What Is The Conservation Of Angular Momentum?
What Is The Magnetic Field?
Special Relativity
How Do Fluorescent Lamps Work?
How Do Plasma Screens Work?
Why do you need salt to make ice cream?
Quantum Mechanics
Circular Motion, Car on a Banked Track
Principles of Electricity (1945) - Part 1
Principles of Electricity (1945) - Part 2
Electricity and Matter Part 5 - Conductor and Insulators
Introduction to Breadboard (Protoboards), Part 1 of 2
Introduction to Breadboard (Protoboards), Part 2 of 2
Measuring Yourself
The Science of Pizza (Specific Heat)
Dark Wet Spot
Cartesian Diver
Doppler Effect: Why does the sound of a car change as it passes you?
Resistor Color Codes
Electrical Wires
Ice and Soda
The Matter with Antimatter
Big Bang v2.0
The Mystery of the Missing Mass
Two Candles and Oxygen Experiment
High speed video of popcorn kernel popping at 5,400 fps
Infrared: More Than Your Eyes Can See
Dynamic holographic displays - University of Arizona
Demonstration of the Navy Electromagnetic Rail Gun prototype
Superfluid helium
About Microwaves
Angle of Incline
Inertia Trick
Nickel Titanium (Nitinol)
Lenz's Law Demo
Straight line motion with constant acceleration
High Bounce
Thermite and Liquid Nitrogen
Why does a helium balloon act strange in a car?
The Race for Absolute Zero
Pinhole Eyeglasses
Parallel Universes
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Birth of the Universe
Measuring Lightning
The effect of resonance on rice
Electromagnets - How can electricity create a magnet?
A water balloon as captured by a high speed camera
Ice and String
Jumping into a 7,964 mile deep hole
Schlieren photographs
Synchronization of 5 Coupled Metronomes
Brian Cox: What really goes on at the Large Hadron Collider
Powers of 10
Why Things Go Bang
Density Column
Magnetic Warp
The Dark Matter Mystery
High-speed Magnetic Levitation
Diamagnetic pyrolytic carbon lifts magnets
KDP Crystal Growth
Power, Electrical and Mechanical
Electric Power Formulae
Quantum Mechanics
Microwave Chocolate
How the Large Hadron Collider Works?
ATLAS Experiment Assembly
World's Most Powerful Lasers
Melting steel with solar power
Vacuum Pressure Photon injection HHo Part 1 of 2
Vacuum Pressure Photon injection HHo Part 2 of 2