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Category: Robotics
- Hexapod Dance Competition - Hagenberg/Austria
- Inside Optical Glyph Tracking
- Tilted Twister - Lego NXT Rubik's Cube solver
- Bionic Hand
- uBot
- Meccano Excavator
- Cyberwalk Project
- Boston Dynamics Big Dog
- UGV - Crusher 2
- Shape-shifting robot forms from magnetic swarm
- SARCOS Robotic Exoskeleton
- Underwater Flight with Graham Hawkes
- STriDER: Self-excited Tripedal Dynamic Experimental Robot
- nBot Balancing Robot
- Monkey With Robotic Arm
- MIT's Leonardo Robot
- MIT's COG Robot
- Jules The Robot
- ASIMO's Fancy Footwork
- Robot playing a trumpet
- Murata Boy is a bicycle riding ROBOT
- Self-Replicating Repairing Robots
- Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot
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Best of the third Austrian Hexapod Championships: Category Dance.
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